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What is Total Hip Replacement?

THR is the replacement of the diseased joint by an artificial implant. The hip is a simple ball-and-socket joint where the thighbone joins with the pelvis. When these joint surfaces become roughened, causing severe pain and stiffness, the ball-and-socket has to be replaced.

Total hip replacement is when a cup is inserted into the pelvis and fixed into place and a stem with a head attached is inserted into the shaft of the femur. The artificial ball-and-socket is then fitted together to function as a normal hip joint. For each prosthesis type, there is wide range of models, manufactured in different sizes. Selection of the prosthesis is dictated by the bone condition and the weight and physical activities of the patient. The surgeon will prepare for the operation on your hip with a graphic plan compiled on the basis of X-rays and will thus determine the model, size and position if the prosthesis parts.

Dr. Himanshu Gupta

MS. Orth. (Gold Medalist K.G.M.C)
M.Ch Orth., FAJR (Germany, Japan, Singapore)

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