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Tariff Lists & Billing Policy

Outpatient Consultation Charges

OPD Consultation charges shall follow the following Bands:

Bands Slabs (Rs.)
Consultant (Super Specialist) 500
Consultant 400

OPD Registration To Be Charged From All Cash Patients

Rs. 100 per registration to be charged from all cash patients.

Medical Record Charges

Rs. 300 per IP admission will be charged from all patients.

Billing Cycle

  • 24 hours billing cycle – Room charges will be levied for each 24 hours cycle from the time & date of admission.
  • Up to 8 hours of stay (in a billing day) would be billed as Half Day Stay and beyond 8 hours shall be billed as Full Day.
  • At the time of discharge, a grace period of 2 hours will be given and shall not attract additional charges. Grace period of 2 hours is only applicable beyond 8hours of stay. The billing will stop on intimation from the ward even though the patient has to stay till the clearance is received from the TPA/paying authorities in cases of patients holding health insurance.

Hospital Tariff:

Type of Room Room Rent (Rs.) IP Consultation (Rs.) Consultation Charge Type
Deluxe 5000 600 Per visit
Single 4000 500 Per visit
Double 3500 400 Per visit
Economy* 1500 300 Per visit
ICU* 5000 600 Per visit
Nursery/NICU 3500 500 Per day
Day care 3500 500 Per day

*Economy includes 5 beds.
*ICU includes MICU, SICU, and PICU.

Tariff and Billing Policy

  • Tariff includes standard fittings in the room according to the type of Occupancy/ Nursing Care/ Laundry Services/ Food & Beverage for patient’s only/ Resident & Junior Doctor visit/ Housekeeping services.
  • Any additional food & beverage for anybody other than patient will be charged on MRP Basis.
  • Any additional food & beverage for Patient but due approved by Head Dietician will not be charged.
  • If the Patient’s attendant retains the room while the Patient is in HDU/ ICU/ Nursery, additional charges for the Room and Food & Beverages would be levied.
  • In such cases, Room would be provided subject to availability & approval from Unit Operations Head.
  • ICU tariff includes Room Rent, RMO, & Nursing Charges, Infusion/ Syringe/ Procedures/ Consumables and Medicines.
  • ICU tariff does not include Specialty Doctors Visit/ Ventilator/ Investigations/ Procedures/ Consumables and Medicines.
  • NICU tariff includes Bed charges, SPo2 monitoring, Cardio Respiratory monitoring and Warmer.
  • It do not include any Therapeutic procedures/ Ventilator or Ventilator Initiation charges.
  • If patient moves to opted room category from labor room then charges will be applicable according to the room category from the time of admission.

Triage Policy

  • Triage stay will be charged, as Rs. 250/- per hour and first hour of stay is free if patient gets discharged from Triage only.
  • Triage stay shall not be more than 4 hours without justified approval from Head Emergency/ Critical Care. Economy Bed Tariff will be applicable for stay above 4 hours.
  • If the patient gets admitted as inpatient from emergency, Triage bed charged and EMO Consultation will not be levied. Charges in such case will be levied based on the selected room category.
  • During day time, Consultation (On Call Consultation) in Triage will be charged as per OPD rates and during night emergency, Consultation (On Call Consultation0 will be charged at twice the normal rates.
  • A maximum of one visits/ consultation will be billed during the time when patients in the emergency.

Day Care Policy

  • This price are Rs. 1500/- up to 8 hours beyond that Rs. 250 per hour till 12 hours and beyond 12 hours charged as full day as per the opted room category.
  • Surgeon fee, Doctor Visit and other charges will be charged as per Double Room category but procedure charges as per the category list.
  • No IPD visit will be charged by the Primary surgeon. However visit of any different specialty doctor will be charged based on the criticality of the patient.
  • If patient gets admitted as inpatient from daycare to double or higher than double, all charged will be applicable as per occupied Room Type. But if patient gets admitted to category lower than double, room rent will be applicable s per occupied room type & charges for surgery will be applicable as per Double Room.

IP Consultation Policy

  • In the IPD, the admitting doctor will be entitled to maximum of two IP visits per day and one emergency visit (if required) per consultant per patient in every 24 hours.
  • In ICU, two visits for the admitting doctor and two visits for Intensives visit per day will be charged.
  • For Non ICU Patients, up to 24 hours of Surgery, No IPD consultation will be charged by the Primary surgeon or Unit. Thereafter he may charge up to two visits per day.

For NICU/PICU Patients

  • Emergency visit charged not applicable in any of the level of NICU &PICU for Pediatrician & Neonatologist.
  • Visit charges for any other specialist (other than pediatrician or neonatology) in NICU/ PICU, would be charged as per the Single room category.
  • In case of NICU/ PICU beds, one additional visit will be allowed for Patients admitted under “Admitting Rights Consultant” as per the Single room category.
  • One Intensives visit is applicable in PICU & in one day.
  • Intensives visit charges are Rs. 1,000/- per visit and these charges are applicable for the Critical Care Beds.
  • Dietician Charges- one tie charges of Rs. 300/- to be charged from Inpatient excluding Day Care, NICU and other patients where these services are not provided.
  • For Non-Surgical Cases, a maximum up to 2 visits within 10 days of the discharge will be charged as follow up consult.
  • For Surgical Cases, a maximum up to 1 visit within 7 days of the discharge will be free including the removal of suture.

Ambulance Charges

BLS Up to 20kms 20kms-40kms Beyond 40 kms Outside Delhi
650 950 15/km 14/km

Medicines & Consumable to be charged as per actual.

Emergency Visit

  • Night Emergency timings are from 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM.
  • If the Specialist Doctor is present in the OPD, no extra charge for Emergency reference (expect for normal tariff) will be levied. For on call Consultants also during day emergency, normal OP tariff will be applicable.

Procedure And Anesthesia Charges

  • Hospital policy recommends presence of Anesthetists, even on topical application procedure, within the Operating Room (OR)
  • Procedure Charges denote charges toward OT Cost (40% of surgeon fee), Anesthesia (30% of surgeon fee in GA & SA & 30% of surgeon fee in LA), Staff & Other Charges.

Special Equipment Charges

  • Special Equipment charges will be charged separately on rent basis. (Any special equipment utilized for the procedure will be charged additionally, over & beyond the normal tariff rates at the rate of 25% of Surgeon’s fee)
  • Any in house (Amicare) equipment will be billed only once to the patient according to higher surgeon fee. In case of bilateral surgery also (AmiCare) equipment will be charged once. In case, multiple in house equipment’s have been used for different specialty both will be billed to the patient.
  • In case, multiple equipment’s have been used, one from in house (AmiCare) and another from outside AmiCare Hospital then outside equipment will be charged as per actual and in house at the rate of 25% of higher surgeon fee.
  • In case of multiple surgeries, the special equipment charges will be charged as per the higher surgeon fees.
  • Equipment’s in post operation monitoring up to 2 hours will not be charged.

Upgrading & Degrading The Room Category Before & After The Surgery

  • In case a patient is transferred from a lower to a higher category of room after the surgery/ procedure, the price for the surgery/ procedure will be charged according to that of the higher bed category. The bed charges and the doctor’s visit charged would be charged as per the higher room category from the day & time transfer.
  • In case the patient is transferred from higher to lower category of room after the surgery/ procedure, the cost of the surgery/ procedure and other particulars till the time of transfer will be charged according to the original/ higher room category. The bed charges and the doctor’s visit charge would be charged as per the lower bed category from the day
    & time of transfer.
  • If the patient is transferred to ICU during the course of IP stay, then the surgery/ procedure charges shall remain same as per original bed occupied charges. However, ICU charges will be levied during actual duration of stay in the ICU.

Policy Related To Surgery

  • In case of multiple surgeries, the surgery with the higher surgeon fee will be considered as Primary surgery and all other related calculations will be based on this Primary Surgery.
  • In special cases where the Surgeon feels that it is in the best interest of Patient to have presence of a Second Surgeon or Assistant Surgeon (above Attending Consultant) of a different specialty, then the second Surgeon or Assistant Surgeon of different Specialty will be entitled to an additional 50% of the Primary Surgeon’s fee. Patients in such cases should be informed beforehand about need of Second Surgeon or Assistant Surgeon during surgery.
  • If two or more surgeons perform two or more different surgeries/ procedures, they shall be entitled to their individual full surgeon’s fee for their respective procedures. The procedures charges shall be leviedseparately for each procedure.

Same Surgeon for Multiple Surgeries

Surgeon Fee OT Charge
(% Of Surgeon Fee)
Primary Surgery (1st) 100% 40% OT & 20% Anesthetist
Add-on Surgery (2nd) 50.00% 50.00%
Add-on Surgery (3rd) 25.00% 25.00%
  • Also, there shall not be multiple packaged billing in same sitting. In such cases surgery with higher package value shall be billed at 100% and rest of surgeries shall be billed as open surgeries with percentage as mentioned above. Stay beyond ALOS of first package shall be billed on actual.
  • In case different Specialty Surgeon perform different surgeries then all surgeries will be charged at 100% of surgeon fee as specified in tariff table.
  • If for any Clinical reason an attempted Laparoscopic Surgery fails and Open Surgery is performed in the same sitting, then the Surgery performed is to be billed according to the Open Surgery Tariff with additional charges of laparoscopic equipment.
  • When a patient is admitted to ICU directly, the charges for procedure shall be according to the tariff rates applicable to Double Room Category. However, at the time of transfer from ICU, if the patient opts for a room, which is higher than the Double Occupancy, the cost of procedure shall be charged according to the tariff applicable to respective higher occupancy level and the bed charges shall be that of ICU for the same day but from next day onwards, bed charges will be applicable as per higher occupancy level. If the patient opts for a category lower than the double room occupancy the cost of procedure shall remain the same as charged while the patient was in ICU.
  • Any procedure performed not appearing in the ICU’s price list would be charged as per the Single room charges.

Discounting Through Discount Reason

  • All items should be billed irrespective of the event of discount offered on them.
  • Even items with 100% discount (either complimentary or otherwise) should be billed and should appear in the bill given to Patient.
  • For all policy discounts a proper discount reason should be created with due approval from designated authorities.

Other Rules And Policies

  • Nebulization can be charged up to 5 times in 24 hours as per price list and no service charge will be levied on Nebulization.
  • If patient wants to have a duplicate film for any investigation/ Procedure, CD/ DVD charges will be applicable as per price list.
  • For Corporate Patients from TPAs, as advance deposits of Rs. 5000/- is taken for non-medical items which are not paid by TPAs. The patient needs to sigh a consent letter promising that in case TPA denies the payment of treatment, the entire payment will be made by the patient and the issue with TPA will be sorted by Patient.
  • For TPA Retail Patients & Cash Paying Patients, a deposit of Rs. 5000/- for non-medical items.
  • All films will be sent to TPA/ Corporate but if the Patient needs a copy of the film, the same can be provided but charged separately to Patient.
  • Service Tax will be charged extra as applicable on all cosmetic procedures as prescribed by Govt. notification.
  • In case of IP admission following OP Consultation by a Specialty Doctor, first consult and the only one IP visit shall be billed during the next 24 hours of OP consult.
  • For those cases that are referred by the treating doctor for a second opinion, only one visit per day per doctor will be charged. Patient should be informed beforehand in such cases.
  • When a patient is admitted through Emergency and the desired type of room is not available, then whichever type of room is available will be offered to Patient and charges will be applicable as per desired room type.
  • Any minor procedure performed whether planned or as an emergency would be charged over & above the consultation charges except the Dental procedure where either the procedure charge or consultation whichever is higher would be charged.
  • In Cardiology Bedside procedures (Echo) will be charged 25% extra and Radiology Bedside at 50% extra of OPD charges.
  • Bedside Procedure (Minor Procedures) would be charged as per rates defined for various room categories in the price list.
  • Charges for Anesthetist for MAC or Standby is fixed irrespective of thr cost of the procedure and would be charged as Rs. 1000/- for MRI, Rs. 1250/- for CT Scan and Rs. 1500/- for ERCP, but any other Diagnostic Procedure will be charged and vary as per the availed room type.
  • Charges are subject to change without any prior notice. And charges levied for IP admission will be as per the prevailing rate at the day of admission and vary as per the availed room type.
  • For administering as injection a supporting prescription is mandatory. In case patient is not carrying a prescription then he needs to first consult the EMO/SR/JC by paying for the consultation fee and get a prescription, then only will the injection be administered.
  • Payments will be accepted only by cash, credit/Debit card and Bank Drafts. Cheques will not be accepted. Demand Drafts should be in favor of “AmiCare Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.”.
  • All cash refunds of Rs. 5000/- & above and payment made through Credit Card for Rs. 5000/- & above will be refunded through cheque.
  • In case, the patient is being transferred from one unit to another unit then charges will be applicable as per unit in which the patient is admitted, but in case of corporate/ PSU’s, the charges will be applicable as per their schedule.
  • In case, the patient is being transferred from one unit to another unit then charges will be applicable as per unit in which the patient is admitted, but in case of corporate/ PSU’s, the charges will be applicable as per their schedule.

Note(s): this policy is applicable only for this prevailing financial year.

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