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Arthroscopic Knee Ligament Surgeries

Consult the best hospital for arthroscopic ligament surgery in indirapuram near by you. Visit for ACL Surgery in Indirapuram and PCL Surgery in Indirapuram Ghaziabad.

Your knee is the largest joint in your body and one of the most complex. The bones that make up the knee include the lower end of the femur (thighbone), the upper end of the tibia (shinbone), and the patella (kneecap).

Knee arthroscopy is recommended if you have a painful condition that does not respond to nonsurgical treatment. Nonsurgical treatment includes rest, physical therapy, and medications or injections that can reduce inflammation.

Knee arthroscopy may relieve painful symptoms of many problems that damage the cartilage surfaces and other soft tissues surrounding the joint.

Common arthroscopic procedures for the knee include:

ACL Surgery

Knee Ligament Surgery is also called ACL Surgery. In this procedure, doctors replace the torn ligament you have in your knee. ACL Is an abbreviated form of Anterior Cruciate Ligament, it is a band of tissues that are inside your knees and it gets damaged when it is stretched beyond the limit or tears, in general terms. This is a very common issue that might happen to you if you are someone who is involved in playing physical sports daily because moments made while playing any kind of physical sport induced movement that puts a lot of stress on the knees.

Some of these moments include:
1. Cutting also called changing directs very quickly
2. Stopping in a very sudden manner
3. Planting the foot and pivoting
4. A wrong landing after a high jump

PCL Surgery

The Posterior Cruciate Ligament or PCL is the ligament that is found in the knee. PCL is similar to ACL and connects the thigh bone to the shin bone. PCL is larger and is also stronger than ACL. PCL is a rare kind of knee ligament injury. Cause of PCL torn are:

1. Force on Knee in a backward manner
2. The Shin slams in a hard manner
3. Your knee twists suddenly
4. You fell and got tackled, happens mainly while playing sports

The ACL is the part that keeps the bone so knees together and thus help in keeping the knees stable. If ACL gets damaged then you should visit AmiCare because here, we will provide a complete diagnosis of the problem and will also provide the best ACL surgery and PCL Surgery in Ghaziabad if needed. AmiCare provides the best Ligament Surgery in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad with surgeons like Dr. Himanshu Gupta.

Dr. Himanshu Gupta has experience of nearly 10 years and has performed more than 200 arthroscopic surgeries on the Knee. Below are some surgical videos of Knee Arthroscopy for your better understanding.

Dr. Himanshu Gupta

MS. Orth. (Gold Medalist K.G.M.C)
M.Ch Orth., FAJR (Germany, Japan, Singapore)

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