Lots of benefits to using artificial spine & disc surgery

spine and disc surgery

If you have a spinal disc problem and other treatment options haven’t worked, you might need surgery. It’s the most common type of spine surgery in Indirapuram: artificial disc replacement and fusion of the spine. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the benefits of artificial discs.

Replacement of artificial discs with new ones

  • Prostheses that move the same way as healthy discs in the spine are called artificial disc replacement (ADR). Having a history of many disc herniations or degenerative disc disease may make you need to use one of these tools. However, a synthetic disc replacement may not be the best choice for everyone. For example, it’s possible that people who are older or have osteoporosis might not go through with the rotator cuff surgery in Indirapuram.
  • An artificial disc surgery may be the best option if your spine is broken. On the other hand, a standard spinal fusion may not be the best choice if your spine is broken.
  • Patients get more flexibility and range of motion after surgery if they use an artificial disc instead of a spinal fusion, like when they have surgery. When two vertebrae are fused, disc slippage is reduced, restricting the range of motion and flexibility, which can be painful.
  • Because the new artificial disc is made to work as a normal disc, it is less likely to hurt the other discs around it than a natural disc would have been. Also, because you aren’t putting the relocated vertebra on one of the other vertebrae, there is less wear and tear on the discs next to the moved vertebra.
  • People who have an artificial disc replacement procedure might expect to be back to their normal activities sooner than people who have surgery to fuse their vertebrae.


So, if non-surgical methods don’t help your back pain because your spinal discs have been damaged, talk to your doctor about your fracture treatment in Ghaziabad options. We are known as the best disc surgery in Indirapuram. There’s still time to get in touch with his office.

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