What Types of Procedures do Orthopedic Doctors do?

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An injury or a problem cannot be resolved or improved due to primitive measures. In such cases, a doctor recommends surgery. The best ortho doctor in Ghaziabad performs the following operations:

Non-operative treatment

These treatments are also known as conservative treatments, as the doctors do non-operative procedures before suggesting surgeries.

Some of the non-surgical surgeries include:


Sometimes, avoiding excessive strain on a region can help with healing. Some of the immobilization techniques include casts, splints, and braces.


The best orthopedic doctor in Ghaziabad specialist suggests some exercises or stretches to enhance your mobility, flexibility, strength, and range of movement in a specific area.

Lifestyle changes

The orthopedic specialist may also assist you in making lifestyle changes. It includes changing your diet, physical activities, and some exercises to avoid triggering an injury or any condition.


Doctors suggest certain pills to let go of some symptoms, such as pain or swelling. Some of the examples are over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen. The doctors may also prescribe medicines such as anti-inflammatory medicine or corticosteroids.

Surgical treatment

Some injuries do not improve with conservative treatment, and in such cases, doctors recommend surgeries. So, the following are some of the operative procedures suggested by doctors:

Internal fixation

It involves the placement of hardware items such as plates, screws, pins, or rods for holding the broken bones when they are healing.


It is a type of surgery where a bone is cut off and then repositioned. This kind of surgery is sometimes used to treat problems such as arthritis.

Joint Replacement

For this surgery, replacement is done for the parts of a joint that are diseased or damaged, usually secondary to arthritis. This type includes hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery from the best bone hospital in Delhi NCR.

Soft tissue repair

This kind of surgery is performed on muscles, tendons, or ligaments that are severely damaged.


For this surgery, bone graft material and some form of internal fixation are used to link two bones together. As the tissue is healing, it joins into a single bone. This method of surgery is used in spine and neck surgery. You can check online for the bone specialist in Ghaziabad for the treatment.

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