Role of Orthopaedic doctors for any type of bone treatment

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The global excellence at offers medical care by best multi speciality hospital in Ghaziabad, it has accommodations to suit every patient like deluxe, private, semi- private and economic wards. These hospitals provides the art medical facilities to all the economic segments of the society at affordable prices. The hospital has touched the heart of millions by latest technologies of patient care. The hospital reaches continuous excellence in service delivery. For the emergency cases in Ghaziabad the patients need to be well informed about the multi speciality hospitals. They give the best possible treatment for the patients. The multi speciality hospital infrastructure is well maintained and cleaned. They have highly qualified and experienced staff.

Orthopaedic hospital in Ghaziabad, offer surgical, therapeutic and diagnostic orthopaedic services for children, teenagers and tissue disorders. Some treatments and procedures include Bilateral total knee replacement, Arthroscopy, hip uni-compartmental / partial knee replacement and partial hip replacement. The orthopaedic specialises in Arthroscopy, dealing in Trauma recovery, spinal injuries and complicated joint replacement. The department specializes in latest techniques and treatments such as minimally bone transplantation, spine surgery and limb sparing surgery.

Orthopaedic services include treatment for:

  1. Infection and osteomyelitis
  2. Sports medicine
  3. Pediatric orthopaedics
  4. Fractures and Trauma
  5. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Fracture means broken of bone. A bone may get fractured completely and it is caused from Trauma due to fall, motor vehicle accidents or sports. In a simple fracture, the bone just cracks but is not displaced from its position. In such cases the doctor has to immobilize the bone by placing a simple plaster. once the bone is joined as can be seen on an X-ray, the doctor would cut the plaster and mobilize the body part again to confirm proper placement of bone. But in case of major fracture or completely broken or multiple fractures orthopaedic surgery is required under supervision of specialist orthopaedic surgeon.

Arthroscopies of the joints, knee and hip joint replacements, mechanical treatments to improve movement, treatment of traumatic or genetic Disfigurement and repair to nerves. Best orthopaedic doctor in Indirapuram, they perform procedures like computer asserted joint replacement hip surgery, Elbow, Hand, Shoulder surgery, Articular surface replacement hip surgery , font and Ankle surgery, If a patient knee is damaged by arthritis or because of any injury, it may be difficult for them to perform activities. The doctor may advise the patient to go a total knee replacement surgery. Orthopaedic doctor has vast experience in this field. They have expertise is advance orthopaedic surgeries using the latest technologies. They have done various minimal invasive surgeries in the most of the orthopaedic procedures. After consultation best orthopaedic doctor provide you amazing results. They will guide you to live up by adopting the best facilities and latest technologies available for the patients. The patients have recovered from knee and joint problems, which resulted into healthy and happy life. Orthopaedic surgeons in Ghaziabad use either surgical or non surgical  methods to treat various problems associated to the Musculo skeletal system to our body. Common duties and responsibilities of an orthopaedic surgeon includes conducting meeting with patients before giving treatment. Orthopaedic doctor perform surgical procedures affecting the bones, joint, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves including bone tumours, cerebral palsy, club foot, knock knees, dislocations etc. The hospital follows globally benchmarked standards of medical, nursing and operating protocols.  Electronic Medical Records Management and Customer Care management considerably reduces waiting time at the hospital and enhances the quality and efficiency of managing patient records. The facility is already recognized as one of the best hospitals in Ghaziabad. The Emergency Department is manned round the clock by highly experienced and trained professionals, supported by a range of super specialty services including trauma teams, cardiac units and reconstructive and rehabilitative groups with highly skilled technicians and nurses to ensure shortest turn-around-time for diagnosis and treatment planning for trauma patients.

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